Sapphire Aquatic Centre



To replace existing 400w floodlights [ inc. emergency lighting ] around the pool area and fluorescent battens in the change rooms that had deteriorated in the harsh, salt and chlorine laden environment.

Sapphire Aquatic Centre is owned and operated by the Bega Valley Shire Council and is a multi purpose pool facility catering for swimming lessons, water aerobics, hydrotherapy and general recreation. The water in the two pools is heated to 30.5 degrees Celsius which [ combined with an all alsynite roof ] creates an extremely harsh, humid, chlorine filled environment which effectively destroyed the original metal luminaires via accelerated corrosion.

Strategic Lighting’s ‘Eclipse’ Twin and Single Lens [ Maintained Emergency ] 80 watt  [ FPE15280 / FPE15180ME ] and Single Lens 24 watt [ FPE6124 ] T5 fluorescent luminaires were chosen for the refit. With high lumen output, rotational lenses, an IP66 rating and also being constructed from materials that resist corrosion meant they were ideal for the centre. Swimmers eye comfort was just as much a priority for the centre operators as adequate lighting levels and longevity and therefore the non glare characteristic of the luminaires [ being so close to the pool surrounds and walkways ] was very important in the final selection process. The 316 stainless steel fitting clips were given an acrylic two pak finish to ensure they will not suffer direct attack from chlorine droplets – particularly during warmer summer months.


A safer, well lit environment where patrons are not exposed to potential glare issues and where the operators benefit from energy savings [ in the vicinity of 60% compared to the old ] as well as reduced maintenance costs in the future.