Melbourne Airport Carpark



To light the exit toll gateways of the new long term carpark extension to the airport.

Melbourne Airport [also known as Tullamarine] is the primary airport servicing the city of Melbourne and is the second busiest in Australia. The owners – Australia Pacific Airports, recently commissioned extensions and improvements to the long term carpark – including new exit toll gateways to facilitate faster customer traffic flow.

These two roofed structures will be very exposed to Melbourne’s often harsh weather conditions and at night even, consistent light levels underneath are required so that customers can easily read LED screens at the toll points to transact with credit card and depart quickly.

Strategic Lightings’ ‘Eclipse’ Single Lens 28 watt [ FPE12128 ] fittings were chosen due to their IP66 rating and subsequent ability to withstand high winds, rain and extreme cold whilst providing excellent lighting below which will be customised onsite by contractors using the rotating lens to achieve the optimum result. Aura Eco Saver long life lamps from Sweden were also used to maximise time between re-lamping as a consequence of their rated life of up to 48,000 hours – while also reducing maintenance by two thirds.


A visually appealing luminaire [ white against the timber backdrop ] that delivers excellent performance, efficiency and longevity giving APP real value for money and ensuring the safety and comfort of customers.