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We strive to meet the needs of our clients with quality products, great service and comprehensive knowledge of lighting and product application.


We specialise in Lutron technology and can provide our clients with possibly the world’s best lighting controls for energy saving, home automation, entire building lighting control, and more.


We offer a lighting design service for our customers. Using industry standard technology, our lighting design consultants can provide you with a detailed lighting design, complete with light level reports and 3D renderings.




After conducting research into chemically resistant light fittings capable of providing reliable lighting for a long period of time in our harsh, humidifier chamber environment – we found an Australian company, Strategic Lighting based in Brisbane. The company has a product which ticked all the boxes – entirely waterproof, chemically resistant, capable of taking a knock here and there [ due to pressurised lens chambers ] with high light output and the ability to direct light via rotating lenses. The ballasts were also compatible with a Lutron smart wiring system giving us unlimited options – all of which proved to be a major drawcard.

Strategic Lighting was kind enough to come to site and demonstrate the luminaires for our client who were thrilled with the potential of the product. Strategic Lighting then came up with several different designs which were submitted to the company for fine-tuning until a final layout was determined to be the best for their needs. In the end it was decided that 44 ‘Eclipse’ luminaires in total would be required in the space – comprised of 36 Twin Lens 80 watt and 8 Single Lens 80 watt fittings. This would provide a balanced, consistent lux level of around 5500 lux at a reference plane 1200mm above the floor [the height of the seedling trays].

Our customer was very pleased with the finished product and are now looking to upgrade their other 5 humidifier rooms to the same specification.

We would certainly endorse the service and professionalism shown by Strategic Lighting and recommend them without hesitation “.

Ben Martin
Excel Power : Toowoomba


My contact with Strategic Lighting first began some 2 years ago when we began to evaluate lighting options for our facilities. I met with them to discuss lighting for our workshops at Archerfield which are unique, heritage listed, WW2 domed aircraft hangar structures.

In my dealings with Strategic Lighting, I found them to be open and honest about their product’s capabilities and applications. When technical details were requested they promptly supplied the information and have always been supportive with on site evaluation on any occasion. I was very impressed that they were not out to sell their product if it was not suitable for a specific application.

The design and construction specification of their ‘Eclipse’ enclosed Twin and Triple Lens, IP66 T5 fluorescent fitting is of a high standard with the use of high quality components being made, assembled and supported locally in Australia. The component design life is good with longer life options available and the fully enclosed lamp design with adjustable directional light distribution has significant advantages in many applications.

On site we have many ‘Eclipse’ fixtures in operation, currently saving us between 50-60% of the previous operational cost. Staff working under these lights have provided positive feedback regarding the colour rendition and instant startup as compared to the previous 400w metal Halide discharge fixtures.

In operation I have no hesitation recommending it to be considered when applied to the correct application.

Joe Thorburn
Group Facilities Maintenance Supervisor


During my research for lighting options for the batting cages at Pine Hills Lightning’s new purpose built facility I was recommended to Strategic Lighting by a Lightning club official.

Right from the outset Strategic Lighting was a breath of fresh air with their passion and knowledge of their own product – but more importantly their focus on customer service. They know they have an outstanding and innovative product and, unlike so many of their competitors, are keen to assist wherever possible.

During the design phase they ran multiple computer scenarios designed to extract the best possible outcome for the cages. There is a very real challenge in supplying sufficient light in these circumstances since the balls can be launched by the mechanical throwing machines at speeds of up to 100 km per hour. Good lighting with minimal glare was the initial requirement – followed by ease of installation, the longevity of the fixture and lamps, and ease of maintenance.

The team at Strategic Lighting did not disappoint!

The fixture has been given a great deal of consideration during its design and construction and has a number of very innovative features as a result. The fitting is entirely waterproof, chemically resistant, capable of taking a knock from the occasional high velocity baseball, has a very high light output and the ability to direct the light via rotating lenses. This ability to rotate the lenses allows for the final fine-tuning of a lighting layout. Cleverly – on the outside ends of the rotating diffusers there are inbuilt calibration marks that make repetitious aligning of the banks of light a breeze.

There were other lighting companies with other products that could have provided some of the required features – but only one had them all.

I am thoroughly satisfied with the product and support from Strategic Lighting and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone that will sit still long enough for me to give them our recommendation.

Further, it is particularly satisfying to be able to give this ringing endorsement to a local Australian manufacturer.

Christopher Power
Director : Power by Power
Electrical Contractors


I have been working with Strategic Lighting and installing their Eclipse fitting since 2011.

The unique design of the Eclipse and Asset fittings with the rotational ability of each lens and its IP66 rating means that it can literally be used anywhere – both outside in completely exposed, harsh environments and inside buildings and sheds. I have installed the ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Asset’ fittings now in a wide variety of applications and locations and am always impressed by how well it has been designed and engineered with the electrical contractor in mind.

Through wiring of the fitting is simple and easy with entry via the access hatch in the aluminium body.The 4mm terminal block connections make for simple and quick wiring. The luminaire comes standard with two x 316 stainless steel clips plus a safety overlock for easy suspension. The ability of the fitting to also be mounted horizontally and vertically on walls provides great flexibility and endless applications and solutions for an electrical contractor and their clients.

A great feature of the fitting is the lens which has the ability to be rotated to deliver light exactly where it’s needed and we have found this gives us outstanding flexibility with installation.

I have even installed the Eclipse in my own warehouse to take advantage of its energy efficiency, robust design and great performance. I particularly like the peace of mind that comes with using this fitting.

Nothing beats proven technology that a contractor can rely upon to give great performance and value over a long time. No contractor wants to lose time and money going back on site to fix faults and failures that are the responsibility of the manufacturer overseas.

I am happy to be installing an Australian made light fitting that I know I can trust and count on – that’s why I will continue to recommend the ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Asset’ from Strategic Lighting to my customers and other contractors ”

Steve Rolls
Managing Director : Steve Rolls Electrical