Seedling Nursery



To replace the older, existing IP65, T5 fluorescent long seal batten luminaires within the humidifier chambers that were constantly failing. These lights help advance the growth of seedlings in their early, critical stages of development by providing a constant, very high light level.

This nursery is a major commercial supplier of organically grown vegetable seedlings to the east coast of Australia and forms an integral link in the supply of fresh food throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. The facility is capable of producing over 500 million seedlings per year to an ISO9001 and ISO22000 standard.

Constant failure of fittings in the humidifier chambers were costing the company money through frequent repairs and the loss of plant stock from diminished light levels within the space. Due largely to the constant moisture and corrosive nature of the gas produced by organic chemicals [ used to fight fungal growth on the floor beneath the plant racks ] the plastic diffusers of the existing fittings mounted on the walls became brittle. They would then split easily when staff bumped them accidentally allowing for moisture ingress.

Strategic Lighting’s ‘Eclipse’ Twin and Single Lens 80 watt [ FPE15280 / FPE15180 ] fittings were selected due to their ability to provide consistently high lumen output in a wet, humid and corrosive environment and to ‘take a knock’ occasionally. Lutron smart control gear was supplied and commissioned by Strategic Lighting who are accredited specialists in the brand. The system chosen was the Lutron Home Works QS using Dali due to its ability to allow preset values, dim the lights in 1% increments if necessary, master on/off for 4 separate banks of lighting, individual on/of, individual dimming of fittings, lux level monitoring as well as the capacity to monitor and change lighting levels remotely online. The system installed has a basic interface designed for simple, straight forward software connection and use via Apple and Android devices.

The non glare characteristic of the parabolic reflector and T5 lamp combination means that even with the exceedingly high light levels in the space worker comfort and visual safety is ensured.


The end product delivered an average lux level of around 5500 at a reference plane of 1200mm – with the lighting levels able to be adjusted easily to suit the growing needs of differing varieties of seedlings.


After conducting research into chemically resistant light fittings capable of providing reliable lighting for a long period of time in our harsh, humidifier chamber environment – we found an Australian company, Strategic Lighting based in Brisbane. The company has a product which ticked all the boxes – entirely waterproof, chemically resistant, capable of taking a knock here and there [ due to pressurised lens chambers ] with high light output and the ability to direct light via rotating lenses. The ballasts were also compatible with a Lutron smart wiring system giving us unlimited options – all of which proved to be a major drawcard.

Strategic Lighting was kind enough to come to site and demonstrate the luminaires for our client who were thrilled with the potential of the product. Strategic Lighting then came up with several different designs which were submitted to the company for fine-tuning until a final layout was determined to be the best for their needs. In the end it was decided that 44 ‘Eclipse’ luminaires in total would be required in the space – comprised of 36 Twin Lens 80 watt [ FPE15280 ] and 8 Single Lens 80 watt [ FPE15180 ] fittings. This would provide a balanced, consistent lux level of around 5500 lux at a reference plane 1200mm above the floor [ the height of the seedling trays ].

Our customer was very pleased with the finsihed product and are now looking to upgrade their other 5 humidifier rooms to the same specification.

We would certainly endorse the service and professionalism shown by Strategic Lighting and recommend them without hesitation “.

Ben Martin
Excel Power : Toowoomba