Carlton United Breweries – Yatla


To provide quality, crisp, clear lighting to an elevated workspace featuring fully automated equipment whilst improving service access and energy consumption.

Carlton United Brewing [ CUB ] are one of the largest brewers in Australia. Strategic Lightings’ ‘Eclipse’ Twin Lens 54 watt T5, IP66 fitting [ FPE12254 ] was selected to illuminate newly installed equipment at the Yatala facility. The original lighting installation was not capable of providing the quality and quantity of light needed for this area. Increasing the expected lamp life and reducing maintenance and service costs was also paramount.

The newly installed lighting now provides uniform yet soft, glare free and near shadowless illumination to the workspace. The luminaire features fully rotational lenses [ 360 degrees ] which have provided the ability to fully illuminate surfaces inside the equipment for worker access whilst boosting vertical illuminance overall. The luminaires were installed onto Strategic Lightings’ proprietary trunking system which manages the cabling and supports the fittings. The trunking is then attached via a snap on support cap to threaded ‘booker’ rod hanging from the roof purlins.


The quality and quantity of illuminance doubled and energy consumption in the area dropped by 30%.