Miller Brewing Company – Yatla


To light a production line facility [ including the despatch area hoarding ] to an average lighting level of 400 lux and provide uniform illumination throughout the space incorporating smart control.

Carlton United Brewing [ CUB ] are one of the largest brewers in Australia.
Strategic Lighting were recently tasked with the design and supply of the lighting installation and luminaires for their production line at the Yatala : Brisbane facility. Strategic Lightings’ ‘Eclipse’ Twin 80 watt T5 luminaires [ FPE15280 ] were chosen for the internal line due to their reliability and long life, high light output and a colour temperature of 3000 degrees Kelvin.  A combination of narrow and medium beam lenses were used to achieve the exceptional uniformity required by CUB. An accessorised mounting bracket allowed two luminaires to be mounted side by side [ see photos ]. The ability of the lenses to be rotated and the light output customised by fitting was a deciding factor for CUB in choosing the ‘Eclipse’ luminaire. The ‘pairing’ of fixtures provided the exceptional output and distribution / uniformity required as a consequence of 8m spacing and a mounting height of up to 8.5m. A warm lamp colour temperature was important – eliminating ‘blue light’ which has the potential to degrade the beer product during bottling.
Each luminaire was fitted with an eco ballast having DALI function. The system was connected to a Lutron DALI ‘Energi Saver’ Node.  Daylight harvesting was achieved with a Lutron daylight sensor and the system was programmed using an IPad.  Full over-ride and additional dimming and control functions are achieved via a keypad or IPad.  Full auto programming is available but not activated [ as yet ] in this system.
Under the exterior despatch hoarding the ‘Eclipse’ Twin Lens 80 watt luminaire was installed with its excellent lumen output providing a high vertical illuminance for safe loading and forklift operations. The fittings’ IP66 rating ensures that dust and insect ingress with not occur in this exposed environment and the company will also save on maintenance costs.


A beautifully lit space which ensures that workers will be safe and enjoy very high levels of visual acuity which will aid productivity. CUB will also benefit from the energy savings and reduced potential maintenance costs of this proven fluorescent technology.