Heinz / Golden Circle


To provide glare free lighting to the raw sugar loading area and surrounding work platforms and stairwells to enhance worker safety and reduce energy consumption.

Heinz / Golden Circle are one of the oldest and largest food processing companies in Australia. The company is constantly updating and improving their work processes and equipment at the facility to ensure that productivity, safety and quality of product remains paramount. Strategic Lightings’ ‘Eclipse’ Twin Lens 54 watt [ FPE12254 ] and Twin Lens 80 watt [ FPE15280 ] fittings were chosen due to the luminaires’ high quality, non glare, crisp lighting output in high traffic and potentially dangerous work areas. The reduction of maintenance and service costs ongoing was also important.

The new installation involved the removal of older, high glare metal halide floodlights in the sugar bin area and nearby work platforms and adjoining staircases. All areas needed greater levels of illumination on both horizontal and vertical surfaces for safety. The fittings’ capacity to be wall mounted horizontally [ with the twin lenses then able to be rotated to customise each fittings angle of light output ] proved to be invaluable.

An IP66 rating will allow the fittings to be periodically hosed down and cleaned within what is potentially a highly corrosive environment for light fittings.


The quantity and quality of horizontal and vertical illuminance was greatly improved [ along with safety ] and significant energy savings in the area achieved.